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MDL Module office hallway
Office space of MDL Module

Thanks to optimized processes, we get your project off the ground quickly and maintain the highest standards. Materials, working methods and logistics are designed for sustainability and safeguard future generations.

Productivity development since 1990


  • + 300 %


  • - 20 %

Since the 1990s, the manufacturing industry has steadily improved its productivity. The construction industry, on the other hand, is less productive today than it was then.

Why? Because serial production, manufacturing concepts and digitalization are lacking. Almost all projects are still carried out 'on site', which makes the project vulnerable to disruptive factors such as the weather and material logistics.

Our modules, on the other hand, are prefabricated in our factory and thus in an environment that we can control. After manufacturing, each module is transported to the construction site according to the 'just in time' principle and placed into position.

Our manufacturing process speeds up production and reduces costs.

Assembly of a MDL Module timber module

Timber as our material of choice serves as the basis for each project. A prototype, which we develop in cooperation with our customers, will be used as a template for the serial production of the timber modules.

Adding interior features to the MDL Module. Like walls, bathrooms and furniture.

Upon request, our interior designers help to create the perfect interior of each module. The required furniture is made to measure directly in our workshop and installed even before the modules are delivered.

MDL Module is delivered to a construction site. With the help of a crane it gets put right into place of a larger multi-apartment construction project.

Thanks to a prefabrication of up to 95%, final placement on site is quick and easy. Each module is delivered, connected and installed according to the “just in time” principle. This allows us to complete projects up to 75% faster.

High-quality production facilities, a passionate team and strategically located production facilities ensure the success of your project.

Our experts are on hand to offer advice and support for every project. The latest machinery and the flexible design of our production lines get modules on the road quickly.

Speaking of roads. Our HQ in Bischofsheim near Frankfurt am Main is ideally located to supply projects throughout Europe. We would be happy to welcome you here in person and give you an insight into where and how we work.

We create, what you have in mind.

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German brand award special 2022
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