From residential living, to schools, to industrial parks. Our wooden modules are perfect for constructions of different shapes, sizes and purposes.

Our in-house architects and designers can help you along the way, and the pre-fab process will speed up your project up to 70%.

Single Apartment Module

Starting from just 20qm, this module is perfect for student housing or bigger housing projects. It’s fully equipped with a kitchenette, bedroom and work place.

Under floor heating and LEDs throughout the whole module provide a energy-efficient approach.

Urban Development

Large, modular skyscrapers covered in plants

In today's cities, space is limited. Most of the available ground is already covered, and extending buildings is a challenging task.

However, our modules are light enough to be placed on top of existing buildings, such as parking lots, supermarkets and offices. Extending the available space in style.

Set your mark and your business on track for tomorrow.

Sustainable construction is the future, and demand is on the rise. Companies have to provide real solutions now, to keep relevant in the upcoming years. We bring your idea to mass production and set your business on track today.

We live for project which require new thinking and creative solutions.

Coming from the exhibition industry, we know how to realize an idea and execute quickly. With us, you have a strong partner on your side to whom you can talk about every idea you have in mind and how to take them to reality.

We create, what you have in mind.

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We are a dedicated team from different professions across the construction industry. Together we build the future of sustainable, modular, timber constructions.
Quality made in Germany.

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