Coming from the high end exhibition industry we have been responsible for projects across the globe. Including projects for companies in the Fortune 500.

To keep up in such an industry we developed an exclusive skillset across all professions. Including timber constructions, modular thinking and rapid prototyping. Perfect for modular timber constructions.

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Our factory in Frankfurt, Germany, is equipped with state of the art machinery and professionals across all fields.

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Luca Löffler

Head of Project Management

Raffael Pilato

Member of the Management

Matthias Wiehlpütz

Sales and Marketing

Stefan Löffler


Ramona Steinbrecher

Sales and Marketing

Cara & Mel

Wood Experts

Fast, flexible and creative. We are rocking the industry since 1996.

We always did business differently. Even with our roots in Germany, we were not focusing on the automotive industry, but kept our doors open for every industry and unusual projects. Over the years, we became famous for our speedy and excellent work, and to tackle every challenge. Even the ones that seemed impossible first.

Making the shift from exhibitions to modular timber constructions.

Even before the pandemic started in 2020, we were already aware of a shift in the exhibition industry. More and more people started to become aware of the sustainable impact of exhibitions, and we started to shift our business towards sustainable timber constructions.

We create, what you have in mind.

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We are a dedicated team from different professions across the construction industry. Together we build the future of sustainable, modular, timber constructions.
Quality made in Germany.

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